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Press Operator

Our press operators need to be smart as well as smart asses.
The job is fast-paced and kinda stressful but fun as hell.

You need to be intelligent and willing to learn. We need someone who is picky and has an eye for detail. Someone who will own their position and take responsibility. The ideal candidate needs to know what they’re doing. They need to have SOME experience and a good understanding of the process. BUT a ton of experience isn’t required. In fact, it’s better for us if you don’t. Last thing we want is to hire some know-it-all who wants to come in here and do things his/her own way and disregard our workflow.

You need to be able to show up on time consistently not hungover or tired and we expect you to stay until the end of your shift without constant excuses about why you need to leave.

This could be a full or part-time position with comparable pay. Full time gets PTO and Vacation Pay as well.

Still interested? E-mail us your resume or come by and chat.

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