Waterbased Screen Printing

Water based and discharge screen printing is the way to achieve a soft print that feels like it is part of the fabric. We can reproduce your complex multi-colored graphics, print various shades of water based metallic ink, and print over seams and off of the bottom of the shirt. This ink type works best on 100% cotton fabric.


Additional 30% fee for all waterbased ink

Just being honest here... Waterbased is awesome but it costs us more to be able to do it. The ink and chemicals we use for waterbased are more expensive.

Looks best on 100% Cotton

Polyester and Rayon don't like water. That's why the call it "wicking" fabric. Cotton absorbs water the best out of all the fabric blends.

Light colored garments work best.

Waterbased ink is awesome but not very opaque. We always recommend white or light colored garments for waterbased. Unless you want that faded look, of course.

Dark Garments MUST be discharged.

See above: Due to the opacity we have to discharge dark garments back to as close to white as we can before we print any waterbased ink on them.

Wash Before Wear

Due to the bleaching agent in discharge printing all garments must be washed before sold or worn

Discharge Printing

Discharge Printing is amazing. These chemists managed to figure out a way for us screen printers to print a biodegradable and safe mixture on most any color cotton shirt and deactivate the shirt dye which turns it back to the original cotton color it was before it was ever dyed. Discharge ink only works on cotton. It doesn’t work on polyester fabric or rayon, at least not well enough for us to guarantee the results. And as you might expect, a general rule of thumb is the nicer the shirt, the nicer the cotton which mean the brighter end result of the discharge. Lucky for you we took a lot of the guess work out of it and rated all of our shirts by dischargeability (That’s probably not an actual word… yet.)

Additional $.40 cents per shirt.

Discharge Ink is essentially waterbased ink. I will dry if left open. If that wasn't bad enough, you also have to activate it. Once it's activate it only has an 8 hour shelf life before becoming completely useless.

Looks best on 100% Cotton

Polyester and Rayon don't dye the same way cotton does. It's particularly noticeable in shirts with blended fabrics. That "heathered" look is a result of the poly and rayon not accepting the shirt dye as well as cotton. Similarly it won't discharge as well either. On blended fabrics discharge is still soft... just not solid.

Premium quality garments work best.

Shirt cost is largely dependent on where the shirts are made and what fabric they're made from. All 100% cotton shirts aren't created equal. Some are much nicer, softer and typically more expensive than others.  We've rated them for ya.

Dark Garments MUST be discharged.

Pigment dyed shirts like Comfort Colors are dyed with a completely different method. The discharging chemical won't work on them. We've tried a lot and we just can't guarantee the results.

Wash Before Wear

Due to the ink mixture of discharge and it's activating agent all garments must be washed before sold or worn. 

Metallic Ink

Metallic ink is an awesome way to make any print stand out. We can make any ink shimmer and shine with our specialized metallic process. The best part is our metallic is super soft like all the rest of our waterbased ink.


Additional $1.00 cents per color per shirt.

Our metallic is essentially waterbased ink. It's super soft. We're one of the only printers around doing this too. That means even less people out there are taking advantage of it. Your customers will immediately notice how awesome it looks, but when they feel it it's a done deal. They just found a new favorite shirt and who can blame them.

Any Color You Want

We can add pigment to to the metallic base to make any color shimmer. You can take your multiple color job and make one or all colors metallic. If you're interested just mention it for your next order and we can consult with you to add metallic in with your next design.

Premium quality garments work best.

As with most specialty printing the nicer the shirt the nicer the result. With waterbased metallic the flatter the shirt the better the metallic will lay. Cheaper shirts just don't look as good. But, ultimately it's your call.

Wash Carefully

This is a general rule that most printers will tell you. It really is important to wash the shirts inside out. It helps protect the print to make it stay bright and last long time.

Polyester Printing

Polyester is a result of making an affordable nylon alternative. Polyester fabric can be difficult sometimes due to dye migration. That’s where the ink they use to dye the garments bleeds into the screen printing ink we print on the shirts. We’ve learned how to print polyester efficiently and error free. We can get the smoothest softest prints that stay the color they’re supposed to without any dye migration.

Polyester is a 35% upcharge.

We have specially formulated ink that we use specifically for polyester garments. Naturally it's bleed resistant and that helps with avoiding dye migration. We also use special printing techniques to ensure the smoothest softest print you'll ever see on 100% polyester.

Plastisol Only

Waterbased solutions simply don't work on polyester garments. We've tried and it just ain't gonna happen. It's cool though because we can emulate the same soft feel with regular plastisol ink.

Wash Carefully!

We can print these to where they look awesome. BUT! You have to make sure you wash and dry these properly. Polyester is a very temperamental fabric and doesn't like heat very much. Wash 'em cold inside out and hang dry. This is prevent future dye migration and the shirt will look awesome for years to come.


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