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So, obviously, this quote form doesn’t cover EVERYTHING. It’s really way too much to put in one form but this, at least, gets us started. There are typically a lot of options and specifications that go into pricing a job. Firstly, how many shirts? Next, how many print locations and how many print colors per location.  It gets more specific from there, too! What kind of shirt do you want? Do you want exact color matching?

It’s ok if you don’t have all the answers, though! We will help you figure it all out! Just as long as you know jobs don’t usually happen overnight. Screen Printing is set up intensive (meaning pricing improves the more you get) and we usually have several clients in line patiently waiting for their shirts to get done before you.

Here are some basic rules for submitting quote requests .

Read Our Terms & Conditions and Artwork Guidelines

Give us a little time to get back to you. We’re usually quick but sometimes we get backed up! 

Put accurate contact information in the form! We get a lot of requests and the contact information isn’t always correct. 

If you don’t see the option you’re looking for don’t worry! We can accommodate WAY MORE than whats on our dinky little quote request form so just put your information in the Job Notes and we’ll get it all worked out via e-mail or in person if you’re a face-to-face type!

Type of Shirt

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One More Thing…

The Deal to your right isn’t so much of a discounted deal as it is a benchmark to help most people understand the cost of printing. We have a lot of customers inquiring about the deal but they want to change a lot of the smaller details of it and that’s COMPLETELY FINE!

Don’t even worry about the details because we can change it to fit your exact needs and the pricing will not be radically different.

Check Back for More Deals

We don’t have a lot of deals right now but we’re workin’ on them! Check back often! 

We're Working on our Quote Form.

Making a quote form that works for all our capabilities and printing methods so bear with us. Honestly, the best way to get an accurate price on your job is to email or call us with all the details and have a sales representitve work with you to get you the best possible price for your needs!