Branding / Design / Consultation

One of the biggest services that sets us apart from other companies is our passion for high quailty design work. Our owner Travis graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design and has worked as a professional designer for over 20 years.  


How much does design cost? 

This question is always difficult to answer but the way we do it at Riot is $100/hr and we bill in 15 minute incriments.  This way we can polish up a design you already have or modify a preexisting design for only a small fee, whereas a larger full branding project consiting of a brand logo or several shirt designs can be estimated and approved before work begins. 



We almost always require a consultaion to discuss the requirments and boundries of any design project taking more than 1 hour of work. That way espectations are clearly defined and a budget can be presented.