We do much more than just print.

If you’re a retailer or reseller, or even if you aren’t you will LOVE our finishing services! We offer individual shirt folding, size stickers, hang tag application, UPC printing (And GTIN Registration) and even individual poly bagging.



This is a MUST when selling in stores or at festivals. It makes organizing and displaying your product a breeze. There is nothing quite like pulling shirts out of a box folded and ready to place right on the shelf or display table.


Size Stickers

Up the level of your retail game with restickable size strip labels. No easier way to show your clients exactly what they’re looking for without having to look in the inside neck label of every shirt on the rack. 


Hang Tags

So many awesome options with hang tags. Tell your story, show your branding, or even make them a hang tag sticker for added value to your product. We can help you design and print your hang tags as well as apply them to each individual shirt! 


UPC Stickers and GTIN Registration

We have label printers and labels specificially designed and sized for UPC lables. We can print them out with any other information you need for your stores stocking system including SKUs and item pricing. If you are a new brand looking to sell your items nationwide talk to your sales rep about Riot’s ability to register unique item GTIN’s for your own UPC barcode.