Travis and the whole team at RIOT always deliver. As a company, we throw a lot at them and no matter what, they bring what we ask for to the table. It could be the most intricate print or a simple 1 color print – doesn’t matter, they kill it. And now that they have ability to do embroidery, it just opens up so many more doors for us. Nothing but love for the RIOT crew!

Seth Thacker

Partner, Xul Beer Co.


All jobs require 50% of the full invoice amount up front before we order your garments and begin printing. Under certain circumstances and for first-time clients, we reserve the right to require 100% of the payment upfront.



By law, we are required to have Blank Certificates of Resale from all clients who are reselling their garments to customers. If you do not have a Blank Certificate of Resale and are in the state of Tennessee you WILL be charged 9.25% Sales Tax.



Our print minimums are listed individually by garment type. Anything lower than these amounts is subject to additional fees & costs.


Our current turnaround time averages 8-10 business days from the day we receive your payment. Numerous things can alter this time frame, including delays in approving our mock-up, any extra services (hang tags, etc.) and any changes made after the initial approval. If you have a deadline you need to meet, it’s important to let us know about it right from the beginning. We are pretty flexible and your business is important to us.

We are not responsible for:
-Delays in shipping from our garment distributors
-Delays in shipping caused by UPS
-Delays caused by extreme weather or natural disasters



If you need your order before our average turnaround time, there will be extra costs involved.

7 days we require 5% extra of your total order
6 days- 10%
5 days- 15%
4 days- 20%
3 days- 25%
2 days- 50%

For next-day printing, we require 100%.

We require payment upfront for rushed orders, just like with regular orders.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t include shipping time. Rushed shipping is also subject to applicable fees.



From time to time, our distributors will be out of stock of certain garments. We’ll try and find it through another distributor, but will not be held responsible if we cannot do so. In the event that you’ve already paid, you’ll be refunded in full.



If you change your mind about the garments you want for your job and we have to return merchandise to the distributor we must be notified within 30 Days of when we ordered them and there will be a 20% restocking fee. The percentage is derived from the cost of the garments only, not the job total.


QUOTES and Re-Order Pricing

Our quotes are good for 30 days. Pricing fluctuates frequently so we must keep quotes to a minimum. This works the same for re-orders. If you’re re-ordering a job from over 30 days ago and pricing has changed you will not get the same price you had before.



You are responsible for giving us as close to print-ready artwork as possible. If you need us to adjust or aid in the preparation of any artwork, we do so at a rate of $100/hour.  We’ve listed all of our requirements and step-by-step instructions here.



We are not responsible for any manufacturer defects on any garment (holes in garments, sewing errors, etc). Though, we normally catch them and return them to the distributor for a refund.



Our mockup is the only standard proof we provide at no cost.

On-press proofs are available for certain jobs and we reserve the right to negotiate that during the quoting stage of the job.

We do not offer physical samples.



We take great care to ensure that everything we put out is a quality garment. All of our customers are valued customers and we’d like to keep you around! In the event that you do find something wrong, let us know. We allow a 72-hour (from the time you receive your goods) window to be informed of errors and are not responsible for items that have already been sold or distributed. We don’t offer reprints on singular misprints or items with manufacturer defects but will happily give you a credit on your next order for the error. If an exact amount of garments is required we suggest ordering a higher number of garments for spoilage. The industry standard spoilage rate on orders is 3% of the entire order but we typically operate under 1% on all of our jobs. The sales team would be happy to discuss this further if you need assistance.



We love to stay connected with our customers through various social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This oftentimes means posting pictures of the awesome designs we print as they come off the presses. We also like to show off our hard work on our own website and blog. Therefore, we assume it’s OK to share photos of your garment unless otherwise told. If you’d prefer to keep yours under wraps, no problem.



We ask that you give the final artwork approval within 24 hours of receipt to avoid delays. You are responsible for checking anything and everything including colors, placement, size, and spelling. It’s your design! We won’t know what’s wrong and what’s not.



Yes, we can do over-zipper/seam/collar printing. However, please be aware that these print areas are more likely to house errors. The ink can build up and look “bubbly” rather than smooth and sleek. For that reason, we do not guarantee this type of printing will be without imperfections.



Due to the water-based printing process, there is a possibility of fading after the first wash. We recommend washing the garments before wearing them.



Due to the process of discharging garments, we must INSIST that our customers wash all discharge garments before wearing them.


We like to let our employees enjoy the holidays and for that reason, we are closed 11 days of the year. If you place an order around these times, there is a chance of a slight delay.
Your sales rep will let you know if your order will be affected at all.

We will be closed for the following holidays:
New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
The Day After Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
The Day After Christmas
New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Day


Slight variations can be expected with regard to image placement. We cannot guarantee that each image will be printed at the exact same distance from either the seam or collar on every individual garment. Every shirt manufacturer has their own variance allowance. As printers, we are bound by this limitation and will always do the best we can to help make the print as close to the same as possible. Luckily, this is nothing major and the differentiations will be negligible.


Canceling your order for any reason before production has begun will result in a restocking fee in the amount of 15% of your order total. If you cancel after production has begun, you will be subject to the 15% restocking fee plus the price of any garments that have been printed.


Overruns and Underruns do happen; it’s just the nature of the screen-printing business.

Overrun example:
You order 100 shirts. We order 4 extra shirts from our distributor so we can work out the intricacies of your design, but we nail it on the first try. We’ll print the 4 shirts and throw them in with your order. Voila! A few bonus items for you at only the cost of the garments cost.

Underrun example:
You order 100 t-shirts. Corrections have to be made to your screens after production has begun and only 97 are successfully printed. You will be refunded the pro-rated amount of 3 t-shirts. We will not order 3 more shirts to complete your order.

In extreme circumstances, we will order more garments to be printed but only if that amount totals 5% of your order or 10 garments, whichever is greater.


Our preferred shipping provider is UPS. The shipping map here can give you an estimate of how long it will take for your package to arrive via UPS standard ground shipping. Your sales rep will provide you with a tracking number as soon as your order has left our door.

Rushed shipping is available but is subject to fees. We cannot be held liable for shipping errors once UPS has picked up your order.


Colors look different on every computer screen which is why we use the Pantone Solid Coated System to match our colors. If you have access to them, send us the Pantone Solid Coated numbers you want for your design. It will allow us to match your colors as accurately as possible.

If you don’t know your Pantone color, our design program will provide us with the closest-matched Pantone number. You’ll see these colors in your mockup before we ever print with them.

Exact color matching is not guaranteed.